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About Me

Hello, I’m Evan Burgess!
Hardworking and dependable, capable of managing time properly to meet deadlines. Strong math, technical and problem solving skills which lead to an efficient approach to tasks and issues. Great listener and team player which grants the ability to learn new techniques and routines quickly. From academic experiences strong understanding of JavaScript, Java, C++, HTML and CSS. Advanced knowledge from professional experiences in PHP, SASS, JavaScript and NodeJS. Adept in React/React Native, Laravel and Angular 2. Passionate about the web and web technologies, always reading articles about new features, patterns and more as well as reading documentation which allows speedy research on frameworks, libraries and languages. From my hobbyist experience I am familiar with Linux distributions such as Solus, Cinnamon, Ubuntu (and its flavours), Raspbian and Android.


personal information

Full Name
Evan David Burgess
26 Apr 1998
[email protected]
+1 226 504 4953


English native
French beginner

notable skills

UX/UI Design

languages and frameworks

PHP JavaScript
CSS React
React Native Java
Laravel/Lumen WordPress
Shopify Linux
NodeJS Angular
SASS jQuery
ActionScript 3 Android
Raspberry Pi


  • Hi Fi Audio and collecting records
  • Android Modding
  • Snowboarding and Skiing
  • Movies
  • IoT devices and automation
  • Hockey
  • Super Smash Bros.

Awards and Achievements

Fanshawe College

Computer Programmer Analyst Class of 2019

Dean’s Honour roll in 2017/2018/2019 with a 4.0 GPA

work experience


Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Member of the Financial Operations Working Group
  • Worked with OCR invoice upload/scan technology
  • React and Haskell


Senior Full Stack Developer / Team Lead
  • Designed and developed marketing campaigns for popular brands
  • Worked with OCR receipt upload/scan technology
  • React and Angular

Fanshawe College

  • Wrote and taught the INFO-6128 course on the topic of Progressive Web Applications
  • Assisted struggling students with 1-on-1 Discord sessions


Full Stack Mobile Developer
  • Refactored and re-designed the VETSon mobile application
  • Helped configure the MQTT pub/sub setup for IoT interactions
  • Created custom React Native Android libraries

Fanshawe College

Frontend Mobile Developer
  • Developed the water tracker application for Big Win Island golf course
  • Assisted in the Raspberry Pi water dispenser device firmware
  • React Native, NodeJS and Python

Sagacity Software Inc.

Full Stack Developer
  • Designed many essential systems for the ERP flow
  • In charge of the redesign of the Head End platform
  • Architected low end systems as well as designed interfaces for the Gateway
  • Frameworks used: Laravel, Express, React, React Native and Mithril
  • Languages used: JavaScript, PHP, Python, C, and Bash

PalmerAndersen / Lead Assign

Full Stack Developer
  • Skillfully produced new features and fixed bugs in PHP/NodeJS applications
  • Cleanly managed su pport tickets for products
  • Thoroughly reviewed code and collaboratively solved issues with team members
  • Managed databases and migrations for applications in production (MySQL and Postgres)
  • Managed WordPress websites and DNS for clients



A small design project for a progressive web app aimed to help users create a plant watering schedule.


plants / nodejs / react
21 Dec 2018
Repo link:

A small design project for a progressive web app aimed to help users create a plant watering schedule.


Macrobeat is an all in one cloud streaming interface for YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and more to come soon. It allows users to search all services inside the interface and add to a global...


music / nodejs / express
11 Jan 2019
Repo link:

Macrobeat is an all in one cloud streaming interface for YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and more to come soon. It allows users to search all services inside the interface and add to a global playing queue and the music will play out of the connected speakers (from the server) It requires minimal setup and has a great interface.

Sudoku Solver

Android Application for solving Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Solver

android / java / ocr / firebase
14 Nov 2018
Repo link:

An Android that utilizes Firebase ML Kit in order to parse pictures of Sudoku puzzles into memory in order to be solved using the backtracking or non-deterministic approach.

Discord Song Share

A small nodejs app that uses Discord's webhooks to share a song

Discord Song Share

webhooks / nodejs
12 Feb 20202
Site link:
11 Jan 2012

A small progressive web app that can be used to share songs with your friends on Discord. You set a webhook for a channel and when a user shares a song, it will fetch the links on the top 4 most popular platforms as well as the image and send it in a nicely formatted discord message. It's also installable so it may be used as a share target on Android.


A chat app imitating IRC using socket.io.


nodejs / react / socketio
25 Nov 2018
Site link:

A basic chat app that has rooms and members. It uses React for the front end with socket io on the back end for instant messaging. It also has support for embeds such as website previews and images.

MasterMind WPF

A GUI implentation of MasterMind using WPF and sockets in C#

MasterMind WPF

C# / WPF / Sockets / Material
12 Sep 2018
Repo link:

This is a project I did for school, our assignment was to use a Library in order to make a service host and a client and communicate using sockets. So I created MasterMind using the Material Design element package for WPF. It's a little different from traditional MasterMind and I wanted an *unlimited* amount of people to be able to join the server. So there are no turns, it's just the first to guess the answer but you have a limit of 8 guesses before you lose by default.

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